If “Internet Marketing” were a Playboy magazine, PPC and SEO would be the articles and Pinterest would be the pictures. Marketing without Pinterest is like tearing all the pictures out of the magazine before you leave the store.

SERP and Pinflow for '57 Chevy

SERP vs Pinflow for ’57 Chevy

Have you heard people talking about all the web traffic Pinterest is sending their way?  Do you think your business could possibly benefit from Pinterest traffic and/or sales?  Did Twitter and Facebook not fulfill their marketing promises?  Do you think that paying attention to one more “social media” site, no matter how hot or how popular, will push you over the edge completely?

Pinterest isn’t a perfect fit for everyone, but it can work for more businesses than you might imagine.  Now that they’ve added Business accounts, expect it to get even better, fast.  From real estate to personal therapy, people are using Pinterest to drive traffic to their own business website, make sales from their website, support their clients, and generate leads.

But who has the time!?!

Does this sound like you?

Do small businesses really have a chance?   Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+?

I don’t see how I’ll EVER have time to create HALF the content, tweets, pins, and posts that my bigger competitors are putting out there. I KNOW marketing is at least half my job, but I don’t get paid to market, I get paid to do my job!

Are there any people in a business like mine who can do all this social media stuff without full time content/marketing staff?

If the thought of keeping track of one more social media data stream has you screaming out the window, I can help you with your Pinterest marketing in several ways:

  • Public classes to show you how to use Pinterest for small and local businesses
  • One-on-one coaching and discussion of how you can use Pinterest for your own business, including creation and initial pin-loading of your account
  • On-going management of your Pinterest account, including regular pins to keep your account active and growing

Read enough?  Call me and let’s talk about it.  919 395 5148, Raleigh (New York) time zone.

Why me?

Why am I someone who can be useful to your business, in terms of marketing on Pinterest?  I’m an artist, with an eye trained to understand color and design, and I’ve been practicing internet marketing for my own art and hula hooping businesses, and my partner’s clown business, since 2009.  I know SEO and copywriting and have seen how a little bit of classic direct marketing skill applied to Pinterest content can make boards appear high in SERP rankings.


Read more: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/33839/Pinterest-Finally-Rolls-Out-Business-Accounts-How-to-Set-Yours-Up-Today.aspx