Accounts to Follow

I’m in and out of hundreds of Pinterest Accounts as I pin for my clients. Sometimes I see accounts that are fabulous sources of pins, for someone else. I save some; I transfer some, and some I’ll simply share here for you, too:


MacKenzie-Childs They follow no-one. How do they do it?
Down That Little Lane More than the content, I LOVE the way this business has managed its “Board” view. All of the cover pins relate to all of their neighbors. Beautiful presentation.

Pinterest is not for women only

Spirit CDL Truck Driving School. I love this account, because it is such proof that Pinterest is not simply a women’s craft-and-coffee site.
If you like Spirit, try Rock and Dirt, too.

Real Estate

If you have any hand in Real Estate, you MUST follow The Corcoran Group. I would appreciate it if you would follow Gerry Fiks, too. (VERY different slice of the market.)

Let me know in the comments if you have accounts that you study!