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This is an example of the types of content found on Pinterest for the keyword “Hydraulics.”  Created for a demo for a demo for Central Hydraulic, a supplier of hydraulic equipment and repair parts.

Pinterest Boards about Hydraulics

Heavy Equipment

Girls and tools


Construction Equipment


Fishing Vessels

Verde Classics (excellent CsTA in the description)

Diesel Generators Nepal This is a board on a business account, linked to a site about diesel generators in Nepal.  1100 follows at this writing.  Not bad for a pretty obscure topic.  (See user accounts at the bottom of this list.)

Pinterest Accounts with Heavy (pun intended) Hydraulic Content

Related Fluid Power

Liebherr Group

Power Equipment Direct

Platypus Marine

Ronstan (including Anderson Winches board)

Custom Dredge Works If this were my board, I’d dress up the presentation a little bit and adjust the board cover pins to show a more cohesive presentation across the account. However, “hydraulics” is a “slow field” in terms of graphic design sophistication. You only have to outrun your fellow hikers, not the bear…

R + L Carriers

This is a GREAT account for the heavy equipment trades!!!!! Their account description:  We’re a global freight transportation provider that loves what we do. We’re about shipping, small business and all things trucking. Join us!

Rock and Dirt

Another great account.  Excellent management of images on the board cover pins to make every board look attractive, and to give a cohesive look to the entire account.

Pinterest Users

Jithu Varghese:  His account links to a site selling Diesel Generators in India and Nepal.  The range of other images he’s pinning may be personal interest, and/or may be pin-bait to attract viewers to his account, where they would then see (and possibly be interested in) his diesel generators.  Just like you might see something on an end cap in the hardware store on your way to buy what you came in for…


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