Pinterest for Realtors

My Realtor-client Gerry Fiks, of Real Estate Services NC, and I attended the Tech Tools for Realtors conference at the Raleigh Realtors Association yesterday.  I was disappointed, to say the least, that Pinterest got almost NO attention.  The speakers focused on smart phone apps and Facebook.

I expect I’ll be working with Gerry more in Evernote and DropBox, both great ways to share information and files without sneaker net.  However, both of those applications require protection.  You can’t share with “everyone.”  I came home and pinned my notes.  Now, I can share what I learned about technology in real estate marketing with Gerry, as we decide what apps he will start using. He can add additional pins to services he learned about in the classes that were scheduled into the same time slot.

Pinboard showing Tech Tools for Realtors.

Tech Tools for Realtors. Geeky Girls lower left.

Both he and I will also be able to share the list of tools with other Realtors.  He can use the list to collaborate, so that both sides of a transaction are using the same tools.  I can use the list to educate my own clients, and show Realtors who come to me for ideas about using Pinterest in their Real Estate Marketing how to highlight their expertise.

If you know about more tools that belong on this board, let me know in the comments below, or @mention the account:  @Gerry Fiks (You have to be following the board for Pinterest to show you the name).

Pinterest for a Local Newspaper

When people ask what I do, I say “Pinterest marketing.” The other evening, I met someone who was adamant that Pinterest had no place in local news marketing; that readers went to the newspaper’s event listing via Google and that Pinterest was only useful a source of craft ideas. I didn’t argue. I don’t push […]

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Hydraulics on Pinterest

Example board for Hydraulics on Pinterest This is an example of the types of content found on Pinterest for the keyword “Hydraulics.”  Created for a demo for a demo for Central Hydraulic, a supplier of hydraulic equipment and repair parts. Pinterest Boards about Hydraulics Heavy Equipment Girls and tools Hydraulics Construction Equipment Instruction Fishing Vessels […]

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Outrun the Bear

Two hikers on a trail came around the bend to find a great big mama bear with a cub up the trail. Mama Bear sees them and starts moving toward them. One hiker sits down, yanks off his boots, and puts on his running shoes. European brown bear and cub by Peter Cairns The other […]

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WSJ Real Estate Section

Section D of the Friday Wall Street Journal has great real estate coverage, with lots of articles about how agents stage and sell VERY high end homes. However, the WSJ is an expensive paper, and if you’re not reading it for business and stock market information, it can be a lot of money and content […]

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Vertical Pins: How Embarrassing

Springtime Rag Rug pin, vertical.

Everyone says, “make tall pins.”  I say it in class.  I show examples of tall pins when I teach. I wrote a post about creating “before and after” pins that stack vertically because they are more visible than side-by-side images (which look better in a blog post). I repinned rugs for exposure. I got traffic. […]

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What happens with an @ mention in a pin?

@mention email content

I wasn’t quite sure what happened when I @mentioned another pinner in a pin caption, so I tested it today. When I typed the “@” symbol, followed by my other account name, Pinterest started displaying a list of possible pinners. I selected the one I wanted, and Pinterest inserted the full User Name into the […]

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How to Backup Pinterest Business Boards

File name printer window

If you have important business content on your Pinterest boards, create a backup file of your pins for your own reference and peace-of-mind. Making a backup copy of your business boards protects you from someone hacking into your business account and deleting content. Another reason to print your boards is so you can cross-check board […]

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How to Make Cover Pins for Your Pinterest Boards

Cover Pin for Cancer Care board, created in Quozio

Board “cover pins” are the pins you select to be the largest image on a board in your Pinterest account’s Board View. Setting board covers can help to identify the content of a board. If you don’t set a board cover image deliberately, the first image you pinned will be displayed as the largest image […]

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Repin for (Re)Exposure

Seaglass Candlestick Pin

After you’ve been in Pinterest for a while, you start to notice pins that have “been around.” For me, the first pin I noticed again and again in the pinflow was glass candlesticks made to look like sea glass with Elmer’s glue. (Epic Fail, BTW—bugs got in the glue). A silver beaded dress does the […]

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