Should I follow this person back?

A question from one of my “Pinterest Done 4U” clients: Well, this was sort of a surprise.  My first unknown follower.  It is the best etiquette to follow back? I looked at the Pinterest account that followed hers (she has three accounts following her naturally. One is her personal account, and two are mine). This […]

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Use Quozio to Create Text Pins

Quozio is a bookmarklet available from  Intended to create pinnable quotations with attribution, I use it for much more than quoting other people. First, install the bookmarklet onto your browser toolbar.  I keep it right next to the PinIt bookmarklet. When you have something to quote, click on the bookmarklet.   Type your quotation […]

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PinIt Bookmarklet Passes Alt Tag

PinIt Bookmarklet passes Alt tag to pin description.

Inquiring minds want to know: What image meta tag gets pulled into a pin? Does it matter which pinning tool you use? Your personal Pinterest Investigative Reporter to the Rescue. I tested Pinterest’s PinIt Bookmarklet (first option on the list) on my Rugs from Rags site (better image collection) to see which of an image’s […]

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Don’t stress over your precious images

Ubi the Clown

I have heard people say that they “don’t want to go near Pinterest because of their Terms of Service.” Hum, I thought. That’s your choice. Pinterest’s terms of service (TOS) are shifting and changing frequently, by the way, so I can’t be sure which version anyone saw when they made that decision. The TOS on […]

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Adding Pinterest Boards to WordPress Posts

Javascript to display Pinboard

Pinterest’s new Business Accounts allow you to add a Board widget to an external web page. This widget puts a live image of any one of your boards on a webpage. Visitors who click on the board will be taken to that board on the Pinterest side. It’s a great idea, when it works. Unfortunately, […]

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Pinterest Power, the book

Pinterest Power, by Jason Miles & Karen Lacey Four stars. Full disclosure: I paid full (Amazon) price for my copy of this book (that is, I did not receive a review copy) but I did receive a ton of associated “reserve your copy in advance” material as part of the purchase. The goodies aren’t changing […]

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Moving Pins Between Accounts

Now that Pinterest offers business accounts, some of my clients wonder how to move their more “business” pins from their personal accounts to their new business accounts.  These are pinners who are happy to have two accounts and don’t want to share all of their personal boards, full of everything they’ve pinned over the past […]

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How to Pin Existing Blog Posts into Pinterest


One of my clients, Team Nimbus of North Carolina, has an extensive collection of “all star” posts about people who have taken the small business marketing and lead generation course, 100 Days to Abundance.  We would like to send more traffic to some of the older posts, so we decided to pin them to an […]

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Hubspot says, Dump Pinterest

In a free eBook, Hubspot says, If the social networks you’re using aren’t working — 2013 is the year to stop using them. For example, if you gave Pinterest the old college try, and it simply is not driving any meaningful business results for you, cut the cord. Just make sure you’re making your decision […]

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Follow Your Customers

May We Follow You

If your business is closely aligned with the kinds of items your clients will pin, consider putting a form on your website or a sign-up sheet at the front desk: For some businesses, this is a non-starter.  If you sell children’s music lessons, you may see more crafts and recipes than you can stand. However, […]

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